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Account Tools

Helpdesk/Email Support

The helpdesk is the hub of our support system. It is a system that tracks all the support emails you send us, so we can follow the issue you are having and work with you over time. You can create a new ticket either by emailing the addresses listed below, or clicking the button below to fill out our New Ticket form.
Sales sales@acornhost.com

Billing billing@acornhost.com

Technical Support support@acornhost.com

Phone Support

Our phone support is for current customers experiencing a technical support issue. Some issues can be resolved over the phone; more complex issues require creating a helpdesk ticket so we can track it over time. Please be prepared with your current account credentials.

We cannot take payments over the phone, or unsuspend accounts.
Please use the Account Tools at the top of the page, or contact the Billing department above.

Technical Support Only 1-800-732-4910 extension 3

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