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Using Our Control Panel

Cpanel has many help options built into it, including Video Tutorials and a Getting Started Guide. When you have logged in, look for these links in the top menu box labelled "Preferences". You can also click the help icon at the top right of the screen, or the links for Documentation at the bottom of each page.

Each webmail programs has it's own support site: RoundCube and Horde.

Cpanel allows you to install many progams like Drupal and Joomla that maintain their own support sites. Click over to the 1-click install list for links to these sites.


Start Blogging!

We recommend Wordpress for blogging and even for many CMS needs. It's easy to install from our control panel - just scroll down to the Softaculous section and look for the WordPress icon.

If you need inspiration or blog development help, Problogger and Dawud Miracle are some of our favorite bloggers who blog about blogging.

If you have a question, try Wordpress Answers.

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Creating Online Communities

Trying to figure out how to be an online community manager without going crazy? We like the perspectives on Fast Wonder Blog (Dawn is a Portlander!) and Sarah Dopp's Culture Conductor.


Holistic Business

Portland is home to many people working to create a new vision of business. Check out the blogs of Havi Brooks (Fluent Self), Mark Silver (Heart of Business), and Acorn Host's owner Emma McCreary (Tao of Prosperity).


Website Design, E-commerce, and SEO

SitePoint is a great site full of tutorials.

For more advanced issues, the Pro Webmasters Stack Exchange is a good forum to search for answers and ask questions.

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