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Can I purchase an SSL certificate from Acorn Host?

Acorn Host also offers free SSL certificates that are automatically installed on your account. These are not "shared" certificates. They are a dedicated SSL certificate for your domain, that is automatically regenerated when it expires. This is not a sub-par certificate in any way and is suitable for 99% of purposes. They do not require a dedicated IP or any special setup steps.

We also sell SSL certificates which you can purchase one when you sign up, or if you already have an account, please order it through the Customer Portal.

The certs we sell are Comodo 256-bit certificates. The $150 includes purchase and installation. You will also need to purchase a dedicated IP ($2/month). If you cancel your account before a year is out, the $150 fee is nonrefundable, but we can send you your certificate which you can use at a different host if you choose. The monthly fee for dedicated IP is refundable on a pro-rated basis.

You are also free to purchase an SSL certificate from a third party and install that on your domain. You can install your certificate through your Cpanel account.

While you do not need to have a dedicated IP to install an SSL certificate (and our free AutoSSL certificates work without a dedicated IP) the technology that enables that to work (Server Name Indication) is not 100% adopted. It works in about 98% of browsers.

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