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Help! My site is down!

It could be that we are having server trouble. If that's not the reason though, there may be some steps you can take. Here are some common reasons besides server trouble that your site may not be working properly.

Is your site suspended?
If your site is suspended due to a billing issue, you will see the Acorn Host suspended page. It has our logo and clearly states the site is suspended. If you don't see this, then that's not the reason you can't access your site. If you DO see this, please log in to the Customer Portal and renew your account to be unsuspended.

If you are sure that you are paid up, it may be suspended due to a hacking or spam issue. Please contact Technical Support for more information.

Can you see a page, just not your page?
This means your nameservers are probably no longer pointing to our servers. The most common reason is that your domain has expired. You will need to contact your domain registrar and make sure your domain is paid up. We are not your domain registrar, as we do not sell or offer domain name registration.

You can go to InterNIC's WHOIS lookup to look up information on your current nameservers and domain expiration date. It will also list your registrar.

Can you access the site from another network?
Sometimes your IP can get blocked from our server. To check if other locations can pull up your site, go to Alertra and enter your domain in the "Spot Check" area and click "Check". They will check your domain from different servers worldwide. If they can access your site, but you still can't, please contact Technical Support and ask us to unblock your IP. You can find out your IP at WhatIsMyIP.com.

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